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Professional Contractors

Personal service company taxation is a complex area.  The IR35 regulations have been followed up by a myriad of additional rules around Managed Service Companies, Settlements and “disguised employment”.

We have many years of experience in dealing with IR35 and the associated tax compliance and risk management.  We deal with every contractor client individually as all clients and all contracts are subtly different and our clients appreciate a personalised service not a mass-produced product.

For a fixed fee agreed in advance, we will deal with all your

  • VAT &  PAYE
  • Company Accounts & Tax and
  • Your personal tax

We always look at your whole financial picture to make sure that your personal tax circumstances are taken into account when managing your business income. Most importantly we are always available to advise on any matter – you will never be waiting for days for a call back.

When required we partner with several specialist tax consultancies to deal with higher risk cases which need detailed review of contract terms, conditions or actual working practices, or if HMRC opens an IR35 enquiry.  As the costs of these enquiries can be significant we advise every contractor to join the Professional Contractors Group (or an equivalent trade organisation) that offers tax investigation insurance as part of their membership.

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